Garver Feed Mill

Historic Rehabilitation

Hope is working with the Garver Feed Mill to support the rehabilitation and redevelopment of this historic space into a local hub for food businesses in Madison, WI. The Garver Feed Mill project will support local food producers such as bakers and brewers as well as provide acreage for orchards and gardens, and miniature home units.

north-courtyardHope’s work with this project has included working with a diverse group of stakeholders to obtain $15 million in New Market and Historic Tax Credits. This work involves structuring the transaction, reviewing operating projections, and developing a financial package for potential investors and lenders. Hope’s support has been especially crucial in assembling diverse sources of leveraged debt into this complex and high impact project. Hope’s services for this project also included developing the community and economic impact projections important to the Project’s financial success.

This truly multipurpose space will be a locus for local food producers and city providing economic development, sustainable development and community revitalization.