About Hope Community Capital

Hope Community Capital cultivates sustainable, inclusive and thriving communities by connecting community development projects with financing, and investors with opportunities. Hope is an expert in the intricate process of identifying, accessing, and structuring financial support to enable successful community development projects. Hope has extensive experience garnering support and connecting communities with the diverse funding required for complex community development projects.


Since 2016 Hope Community Capital has worked with diverse clients to identify, access, and structure the financial resources needed to enable successful community development projects.

Sourcing, Structuring, and Closing NMTC Investments

Working alongside CDFIs, Community Development Entities, Developers, and Project Sponsors, Hope Community Capital advises on the sourcing, structuring, and closing of NMTC.

  • Identify and secure commitments of allocation from CDEs
  • Identify and secure innovative sources of debt finance (leverage debt)
  • Bring diverse funding partners together in the NMTC structure
  • Provide diligence for Project Sponsors as they evaluate finance sources
  • Structure, negotiate, and close transactions which include NMTC
  • Assist Project Sponsors in understanding their compliance requirements

CDFI Guidance

Identifying CDFI funding and guiding CDFI clients through complex application processes and compliance.

  • Access government funding including the Financial Assistance Award, the Capital Magnet Fund and, New Markets Tax Credits
  • Develop compliance programs for CDFIs engaged in deploying CDFI Fund Awards
  • Assist community development finance organizations to obtain CDFI certification
  • Assist CDFIs in developing new products, policies, and partnerships




Connecting communities to diverse and creative sources of funding as well as structuring funding, developing project operations and helping partners navigate the real estate development process.

  • Structure complex financing
  • Plan for long term financial sustainability
  • Develop project budgets
  • Build multi-year operating projections
  • Work as a liaison between the project owner and diverse sources of financing


Developing long term revenue and social enterprise strategies that support community transformation.

  • Engage stakeholders in business, foundations, nonprofits, community leadership and all levels of government
  • Tackle financing challenges and barriers to significant community development projects
  • Work with social innovators to bring ideas to financial reality, for the benefit of society

Carrie Sanders

Since 2006, Carrie has been working to build sustainable, equitable and thriving communities through her work with nonprofits, state and local governments, and the private sector. 

Carrie’s experience includes deploying and structuring New Market Tax Credit allocations for projects in Wisconsin and nationally both as an independent consultant and while working in-house with the City of Kansas City, the financial services firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, and Forward Community Investments.

Carrie is passionate about bringing together diverse stakeholders with flexible sources of capital enabling innovative and sustainable projects to succeed.  Her expertise has allowed her to develop financial solutions for diverse development projects such as affordable housing, new community facilities such as clinics, schools, public spaces, locally-based businesses, and mixed-use preservation projects.